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Target segment
Accountants in all kinds of business activities. It supports multiple companies and multi-currencies but does not contain stores


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You can set up the accounting tree in the way you see fit to make your work easier and more enjoyable

Version Features
  • A flexible accounts directory and branched into several levels
  • Follow-up of suppliers and customers statements is very easy
  • Quick reports show the financial status of your company at any moment
  • support multi currency
  • Supports customer and supplier handling and gives account statements, balances, multi reports
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General Features
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  • Basic Accounting System (Journal - Account Tree - Account Statements - Account Category Statement - Balance Sheet - Profit & Loss - General Budget - Search for a Listing ..)
  • A network system that works on several devices and a server
  • With the ability to grant specific privileges to users in detailed way
  • Automatic backup and retrieval with the possibility to make a variety of copies on any disk connected to the computer
  • Automatic data repair service
  • multi currencies
  • The possibility of setting an account limit
  • recycle Bin with the possibility of restoration and possibility to know the username that was deleted and the date of deletion
  • Various accounting reports (statement of accounts set - chart of financial statement movement - profit and loss statement and budget audit report)
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We offer accounting programs to manage your accounting books and stores
Hawsseb software is reliable, you can manage your accounting and inventory and obtain various accounting reports
Multi users

With the ability to grant specific privileges to users in detailed way


The possibility of making different copies on any disk connected with the compute


The software combines ease and strength and can be learned less than two hours


the software have the ability to work on multi computer on LAN network

Compatible with Windows

Compatible with all Windows version


Our software have auto maintenance system to solve most problems effectively and quickly

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